"It was great! Marcus is very knowledgable and interactive."
Gladys Soto, public speaker.
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"The best design has been planted in all of us."
Marcus Hart, from the book 30 Days to Transform Mentally and Spiritually
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"Over the years I have accepted the call to be an up-lifter and supporter of the mission and purpose of others."
Marcus Hart will provide guidance and mentorship
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Erasing Bad Luck
  • For Mindset transformation
  • Helps with Productivity
  • Improves attracting positive things/people
  • Course length: 45 minutes
Understand Your Why
  • For Vision and Mission Finding
  • Helps discover life's purpose
  • May improve focus
  • Can help symptoms management related to depression
  • Course length: 52 mins
  • Content: Audio/Video/eBook
Stress Eating
  • For Health and Wellness
  • Helps with healthy food choices
  • Replace bad habits
  • Course length: 30 mins
  • Content Included: Audio (Expert Interview)/eBook
Reducing Task Frustration Level 1
  • For productivity and time management
  • Can help with mindset
  • Works for anger management
  • Results-based training
  • Course length: 30 mins
  • Content Included: Audio/PowerPoint/Worksheet/eBook