My Story and Journey in Full

PRODUCTIVITY AND CONSCIOUS LIVING - Marcus Hart was raised in Milwaukee and is the oldest of one maternal sister and ten paternal siblings. Marcus is also the father of six children.

Marcus is a military veteran who proudly served 5 years in the Army National Guard (2003-08), and 18 months deployed in support of the Iraq war. The U.S. military taught him invaluable life lessons, but also brought profound spiritual experiences that dramatically changed his life.

Marcus started three businesses, and published books, while managing severe migraines, a gambling addiction, and anxiety caused by deep depression and post-traumatic stress disorder after returning back to transition from his military deployment.

Events in his life taught him to move away from traditional methods of healing, and replace with holistic modalities. He used the organizational and simple accountability skills gained from experience as a supply clerk in the U.S. military to improve his time management and overall quality of life.

Inner strength and mental clarity opens the door to personal, professional, financial, and spiritual abundance. Marcus will march you right into the next level of accomplishment in your career and personal pursuits.

All you need is imagination and vision.

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Testimonials and Praise
I feel very blessed to share my work with a wide range of people. Members of our community include CEOs and entrepreneurs, Youtubers and podcast personalities, veterans, elite athletes, and many other fine folks. I do my best to keep things practical and inspiring for everyone.

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Leo Niklaus Franklin updated his status.
June 26, 2017 · Columbus, OH · 
"Marcus Hart That message was on time and on point!"

Sunni Boehme "You were born to inspire......"

Vietta L. Robinson-Author "Love the acronym, ACT! That's powerful and soooo helpful! Need a daily work-out!!! lol"
‎Sima Simamkele‎ 
January 22
"I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME YOU ARE SO KIND MAY God bless you for the good things you have done"

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