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"Learn easy spiritual practices to transform your thoughts about achieving different possibilities in your life." 

About Marcus 
Dr. Marcus Hart is a Spiritual Advisor, Transformation Mentor, Theologian, Author, Speaker & Media Personality. He provides the life experiences, learning, training, and personal guidance that will move you into a deeper connection with your higher self and align you to your true essence. (Read More)
What Others Are Saying About Marcus
Speeches that Transform
for Professionals
Great presentation! I liked Marcus' techniques and hope to read some of his work! A remarkable story behind...
Stacy Kaat
Marcus will Inspire
find and discover your passion
Marcus reminds of the boldness of Isiah Thomas and has inspired me and a lot of people to move into a life of confidence and transformation. I'm working on my own audios now.
Robert Jackson
(Former 2003 Final Four College Basketball Player)
Learn the Power of Collaboration 
explore nature's secret
Marcus understands the importance of inspiring collaboration when talking about making unprecedented transformative change.
Jill Stein
(Former Presidential Candidate)
Gain Wisdom & Clarity
become unstuck
Excellent! Marcus Hart was very knowledgeable and refreshing.
Derek Dube
(Customized Wedding Officiant)
Biblical-Based Spirituality Advice without Religion
Learn the secret to knowing your appointed time to get unstuck and finally succeed in your purpose.
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In 2015, Dr. Marcus Hart started the podcast and also TV/radio show called, Transform U! Live Show. This show is a free way for audience and individuals who need more information about the subject of how to use spirituality to discover inspiration for success in their professional lives. Hear the latest episode below:
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Our motivation to create higher expectation for our life decreases when we become terrorized by the crisis that explode suddenly in our lives. This book offers the inspiration and encouragement needed to open yourself for good things in life to walk swiftly out of financial, professional, relationships, and emotional traumas. Marcus Hart was going through dark times and was on the verge of suicide until one day he was eating American Chinese food at a local fast food restaurant.
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 A simple way to connect spiritually without religion is possible. We often time cut the cord off from connecting with a higher Divine consciousness when we avoid the simplest application of love, forgiveness, and staying on the path of our purpose. This speech written by Reverend Dr. Marcus Hart offers the simple way to reconnect now.
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Transform U! Live TV Show aired it's last interview with Richard Widry for the first season. Richard Widry has completed a Trilogy and has roots in the medicine and study of Psychology. Join us live today. Don't forget to sign up for a FREE membership at transformubroadcast.com -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "If it's Too Good to Be True" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghHdG... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-